I am giving a talk next month on the subject of thinking through making. The focus will be the graphic design program philosophy here at East Carolina University and how making affects thinking in graphic design and graphic design education. I've been allotted an hour which means I will talk on the subject for forty-five minutes or so. That's a lot of me yammering so there's room for exploration of the thinking through making theme from several directions--the role of making in the general culture, animism, what the hell Eric Gill might have meant when he said that letters were things, not pictures of things, etc.

Since the "thinking through making" phrase stemmed from one of PhD-Design's many thinking vs. making conversations, this seems like an appropriate place to ask for help. If anyone has any suggestions of things I should be considering or including in my talk, please let me know. If your comments don't seem to be of general list interest, contact me off list at [log in to unmask]



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