By way of thanks for Eduardo's as-always beautiful post,
some adjoining fragments:

To cite Robert Wilson's borrowed subtitle (for the CIVIL warS) 
A tree is best measured when it is down
The quotation continues:
and so it is with people. --Carl Sandburg, Lincoln in the War Years

Maurice Blanchot's claim that:
"“After the object comes the image. ‘After’ means that the thing must first take itself off a ways in order to be grasped.”


On Mar 13, 2013, at 11:28 AM, Eduardo Corte-Real wrote:

> 2. A Ruskin Darwin?
> I always thought that Charles Darwin must have been an excellent draughtsman. That he had watercolours and pencils in his Victorian luggage in HMS Beagle. That he would get out in the Galapagos armed with a sketch pad to fix the unimaginable variations in the form of Nature's creations. And returning to the oaky interior of his office in England, looking at the differences in the curves of beeks that he, himself had drawn, had the consequent epiphany of generating the most creative theory in natural history. But no, the method, far more Saxon, was to simply kill the beasts collect them and preserve them and bring them back to Britain to be stuffed or placed in flasks according to their nature.

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