Using GM plants to ‘grow’ medicine - Live Q&A: Wed 20th Feb, 12-1pm

Plants can be modified to ‘grow’ medicines. For example, insulin can be ‘grown’ in a GM safflower plant, which would be cheaper and more efficient than current methods. These plant-made pharmaceuticals are never likely to enter the food-chain but they fall under the same EU regulations as GM crops that are grown as food. The EU GM regulatory system is lengthy and costly, making the cheaper plant-made alternative production method prohibitively expensive.

In a soon to be published paper, a comparison between the US and EU regulations surrounding plant-made pharmaceuticals is made and the authors discuss whether EU regulation hinders progress and investment into these new technologies. Sense About Science will be running a live #plantsci Q&A with the authors on Wednesday 20th February from 12-1pm UK time. You can start sending questions, concerns and ideas now, on any aspect of this, for the authors to respond to.

Questions can be sent via email to [log in to unmask], via Twitter using #plantsci or via the Sense About Science Facebook page.


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