just wanted to say thank you to Katja Kwastek for her illuminating review of the Transmediale,
your sharp observations seemed to make good sense in the context of this discussion, and
I was sorry of course to learn that Pluto was not elevated but remained confirmed-demoted,
a poor post-planet.

as to your comment on PAPER, you mention the Post Digital Publishing workshop, 
. A highlight of this was the keynote by Kenneth Goldsmith on conceptual writing, with the provocative thesis: 
"with the rise of the web writing has met its photography" - 
I don't think I really agree, but it is worth thinking about it - goes into the whole discourse of computationality which was also represented by David Berry. 

I'd like to learn more about this, could you elaborate or send me a follow up link?     And how is this connected to the "discourse
on computationality" or to the theme that Annie Abrahams brought forward, on caring for/sustaining a possibly on-going creation
(across/with network) or project involve both site and remote site collaboration. 

I liked the example of "Angry Women", with its organizational and productive dimensions; and it reminds me of a small proiect a theatre friend of mine, Angeles Romero, 
started up in Houston, last year with young Latinas who were encouraged to use their cellphones to make short films working with
the restrictions of the medium but developing a craft of the short film (one task was to do the scripting/story-boarding. shoot/edit in one day and upload to YouTube by the end of the day)...
....  see an example here:

I think these wonderful, humorous and sometimes ironic yet also politicized  "tiny" productions are part of a pedagogy of 'teatro espontaneo' that Romero developed in her theatre workshops in the Latino/a community,
and they are now also testing the "re-mediation" possibilities of working with new media or social media networks. Now sure whether the group has
developed a policiy about "curating" the quick work on YouTube.   

And why should they bother?

What is there is no role for curating in this connection?  (Katja, did you not mention something about "'Curating Youtube' in regard to Transmediale?)
certainly for the young mobile-video-makers in Houston the curatorial question is irrelevant, i think. The creative production model, on the other hand,
is not. 

with regards
Johannes Birringer