I'm trying to install Terracotta to play with IdP clustering by following

While there is a note saying that the instructions apply to 3.2.1 and the current version is 3.7.4.

Blindly following the instructions in Step 3 works until the line about installing tim-tomcat-6.0...

# $TC_HOME/bin/ install tim-tomcat-6.0 2.1.3
Terracotta 3.7.4, as of 20130209-172320 (Revision unknown-22216 by cruise@su10vmo104 from 3.7.4)

No module found matching the arguments specified: tim-tomcat-6.0 2.1.3
Check that you've spelled them correctly or are in the right order. list doesn't show a module for tomcat at all.

Any ideas? 
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