Interactivity - Call for Participation

For CHI 2013 there are two categories within the Interactivity scheme with separate submission processes.
	• Research
	• Explorations

Quick Facts
	• Submission: 9 January 2013 (5:00pm PDT) using the PCS Submission System

Interactivity is your chance to fully engage CHI attendees at a personal level by letting them see, touch, squeeze, hear or even smell your interactive visions for the future. Interactivity promotes and provokes discussion of the role of technology, and invites contributions from industry, research, the arts and design.

Interactivity Explorations is about cultural applications and explorations of future technologies. If your work asks questions and inspires reflection on the role of technology in people’s lives, their dreams and imaginations we want to hear from you. We are looking for artworks, design experiences as well as inspirational technologies that the audience can engage with intellectually and imaginatively. The Explorations track moves beyond proof of concept prototypes to cultural applications and explorations. We invite submissions from artists, researchers, designers and industry: come share your vision of the future with the delegates at CHI.

Danielle Wilde, RMIT University, Australia
Atau Tanaka, Goldsmiths College, UK
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