Tuesday 19th March 2013, 14.00 – 18.00, at the British Dental Association, 64 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YS.

Dear Colleagues,
How do you view the rising tide of social media - a threatening flood of trivia, or an opportunity for knowledge to be shared more imaginatively than ever before? Either way, there's a chance to get on top of the flow at our next afternoon meeting.

In most organizations there is a desire to develop more effective knowledge sharing and a culture of collaboration, but little recognition of what this means in terms of staff development and overcoming barriers to change. The enormous growth of social media tools and social/professional networks over the past few years has created new opportunities and new challenges for people and organizations that want to embrace this dynamic world of social interaction and fluid knowledge flows. However, it is not widely recognized that collaboration and knowledge sharing are skills and practices that rarely get taught

Participation in social media is something we may learn on the job in a hit or miss fashion. Some people are natural at it. Others struggle to understand it. At the next ISKO UK afternoon meeting "The power of social media to support knowledge sharing", the first session  explores social media tools and social networks, and their context for peer engagement and knowledge sharing, and the Internet as an evolving ecology. Speakers are David Briggs of Kind of Digital, and Richard Hare of Flare Consulting. In the second session, Steve Dale of Colabor8now and Virginia Henry of UnLtd (The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs) will describe new roles and skills, and overcoming barriers to knowledge sharing and building a culture of trust.The afternoon will end with a Panel Q&A session followed by wine and nibbles.

You will find the programme and other details of the event, and can register until March 14th via the ISKO site http://www.iskouk.org/events/social_networking_March2013.htm. The event is *free* to ISKO members and to full-time students.


The fee for non-members is just *£40*. All fees must be paid in advance - there is no provision for payment on arrival. Registration opens at *1.30* and we shall start promptly at 2 p.m. Please pass this invitation on to any colleagues who may be interested.

Our AGM precedes the meeting at 1pm; Members are urged to attend and  non-member observers are  welcome.

ISKO is a not-for-profit scientific/professional association with the objective of promoting research and communication in the domain of knowledge organization, within the broad field of information science and related disciplines. Founded in 2007, our UK Chapter has been attracting lively and steadily growing audiences to its afternoon meeting series (see slides and recordings at
http://www.iskouk.org/events.htm) as well as its very successful second biennial conference (http://www.iskouk.org/conf2011/index.htm) last year. Its third conference is planned for July 2013 on the general theme of “Knowledge organization – pushing the boundaries” http://www.iskouk.org/conf2013/.

Hoping to see you there,

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