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We are currently looking at the policy around allowing students to record teaching sessions from lectures to individual one to one tutorials/project supervision meetings. In the past the policy has been that the student must ask the member of staff concerned. However in this ‘digital’ age this is becoming increasingly difficult to police. Pedagogically we cannot see any justification for not allowing students to record the sessions as long as it is for their personal education use. In fact we have experience that it has been very useful to students particularly  international students so they can play back the audio in their own time. So we are thinking of allowing this as usual practice for personal education use unless the session contains sensitive/confidential information or is part of some assessment process. So I would be grateful to hear from you on the following issues/queries:-


1.       Are there any pedagogic reasons why we might not allow students to record a session?

2.       Does your institution allow students to record sessions and if so, do you have a policy on this about only being able to use it for personal education use that you would be willing to share with us?

3.       Apart from the potential misuse of these recordings by students (which could be covered by getting them to sign up at the start of their programme to only use recordings for personal educational use), have you come across any other staff barriers to allowing the recording of sessions?


Thanks and I will collate any responses received and provide a summary to the list,


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