Dear colleagues,

Please circulate among potentially interested students and junior colleagues:

PhD research position in Integrated Modeling

This four-year PhD position is offered in the department of Geo Information 
Processing, Faculty ITC at the University of Twente, the Netherlands, and is 
funded by the EU FP7 COMPLEX project

This research position is part of an EU FP7-funded project “Knowledge Based 
Climate Mitigation Systems for a Low Carbon Economy” (COMPLEX). In this project 
we will be exploring a generalized ‘socio-environmental model space’, which will 
include empirical models, conceptual models, complex computer simulations, and 
data sets. The goal is to understand how information from more aggregated 
qualitative models can be transmitted to more elaborated and detailed 
quantitative simulations, and vice versa. We expect that by comparing the output 
from more complex models to what can be generated by simpler models and by 
studying models for structural sensitivity we can see what happens to system 
behavior observed in some simpler models (loss of equilibrium, tipping points, 
emergent properties, attractors, etc.), when more details are added to models 
and when some of these features become no longer evident in the model 
performance. Our second goal is to provide interoperability between the models 
and study how integrated models can be built from components.
This research is a collaborative effort that includes faculty and students from 
15 European partners, and requires good communication skills and work in a 
collaborative and interdisciplinary team, including work with stakeholders. This 
is an exciting opportunity to become part of a scientific network spanning 
countries and disciplines.

Best consideration will be given to applications that come by 15 November 2012.

See for details and to apply.

With questions about the vacancy contact Alexey Voinov, at: [log in to unmask].