Dear all,

Apologies for cross-posting; I believe this timely announcement will be of
interest to both lists.

I am pleased to announce that Communicate OER will hold its first Wikipedia
trainings at the Open Education conference in Vancouver next week. We
enthusiastically invite remote participation, primarily through our project
coordination page on Wikipedia.

Communicate OER is a year-long effort to support people in the OER world in
working together to improve relevant Wikipedia content. It is funded by the
William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and sponsored by the University of
Mississippi. We are also proud to have the endorsement of the OER
Foundation and Creative Commons.

One of the long-run aims of this project is to establish some continuity
between the kind of discussion that takes place on these lists, and
elsewhere in this community, with the information available to the world at
large about OER and openness in education. As with so many topics,
Wikipedia is often the first place people go to scaffold their
understanding of OER and related topics; but the content there is largely
disorganized, out of date, or simply lacking. This project is not an effort
to advocate for OER (which would be against Wikipedia policy), but to help
provide accurate, up-to-date, well-cited information via Wikipedia (and,
where relevant, other peer-produced web sites).

We hope you will join us on Wikipedia -- especially during next week's
launch, when we expect to have a flurry of activity! Please sign up on our
"Team" page:

And then click the "Do" tab to get started!


p.s. For those who will be attending Open Education 2012, see this
announcement for some more details -- including where we're meeting for
happy hour Monday evening!
Pete Forsyth
Project Lead, Communicate OER
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