The document simon pointed at you is a good  first step to getting Kerberos to work.  Testing with mod_auth_kerb on it’s own is a good way of checking your Kerberos config  works before you look at setting up the shibboleth kerebero login handler.   In productions we don’t use mod auth kerb we use the shibboleth Kerberos login handler that the folks over in the swiss switch federation built.   The problem with mod_auth_kerb is  the failover behaviour where is pops up the grey baci auth box rather than forms based login (depends on which browser is being used).   We have managed to get work arounds for this and have shibboleth with kereberos based “true single sign on” working and in production.

We are  happy to share details of our setup if you are interested




Caleb Racey

Systems architecture manager & project manager gfivo

Newcastle University  





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Hi David,

No, I'm not doing this, but here is what Newcastle Uni did:

fyi, if you can do similar:

We achieve desktop SSO because our idp's login page is "protected" (SSO'd) using NetIQ Access Manager (Our institution's reverse proxy, LB, ssl offload, SSO system).




Simon Palmer
Head of Development



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Hi all

Does anyone have any experience deploying this? Onto a linux (SLES 10 SP4) IdP. I've installed the Kerberos client stuff (I *think* - got krb5, krb5-32bit, krb5-client, yast2-kerberos-client packges installed), but mod_auth_kerb for Apache won't build - it's complaining no Kerberos environment is setup yet, probably because until IT figure out what Kerberos ports are needed and these are opened, I can't configure the client to talk to our AD server.

I've read the Kerberos login handler config example on this page: (handler.xml configuration)
and am unsure what domains should go where in the krb:Realm sections (there are two in this example, but we only want to talk to one AD/Kerberos domain using one https:// - hosted IdP.

Do we only need 1 :Realm definition?

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

David Perry
eLearning Technologist, eLearning Team (L34 - Library)
Hull College Group
Wilberforce Drive, Queen's Gardens, Hull
Extension 2230 / Direct Dial 01482 381930

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