I found the LC presentations on Revised editions and Compilations very helpful and concise, although they may not cover every question.  Links at http://www.loc.gov/aba/rda/Refresher_training_dec_2011.html.  The presentations on conferences and art catalogs are good, too.


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Thanks to CIG and the moderators for such a useful forum and discussions. The regional meetings sound an excellent way of continuing to work our way through some of these issues - it would be great if there was a way of each regional meeting feeding back about what they had discussed...


Out of this forum, there are a few things that I am still not very clear on.


One is the designation of authors/editors/editors of compilations, and indeed what counts as a compilation. 


Another two questions relate to things that perhaps I just haven't understood about AACR2 yet and so don't know quite how to apply them in RDA. One is related works/expressions - what to include and when, and the other is when to include a Preferred title in a record, ie when to add a 130 or 240. 


In fact, I'd say it is the relationships that are the tricky bit for me, as this is probably something that I haven't thought widely about before.


Lots to think about, anyway!


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Thanks to everyone for such useful discussion so far today.  We’re getting close to 3.30, and had designated from then until 4 as a general discussion of the day, and issues raised, so if there’s anything you want to mention, ask or go back to, then now is the time!




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