Hi all,

Copyright date - I agree, RDA 2.11 says c/right date is core if date of publication or distribution isn't known. 

Does LCSH need capitals? I put Library of Congress (name of place), but then wasn't sure about Subject Headings.

'Preferred title' ('uniform title' in AACR2) - do we need to fill this in every time? RDA says it's a core element, but in AACR2 'uniform title' is only used if required.

Related works - I feel Vanda's book needs to be connected to the LCSHs themselves, as her book takes them as a starting point. Her Work (in a FRBR sense) is intrinsically linked to/based on another Work.


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>>> Helen Williams <[log in to unmask]> 10/24/2012 10:31 am >>>
Thank you to everyone who has submitted a version of record 2.

It's time to open up discussion on anything you'd like to raise.  It's
going to be very useful to talk about the differences we see in records,
and on some issues we may be able to come to consensus, while other
areas will remain open to interpretation!  Any comments we make won't be
criticisms of differences in records, so please feel free to discuss.  


A few things I've noticed to start us off...


*some of us have included a second 264 field with a (c) date

* some of us (including me!) have included a relationship designator of
'author' - what's the feeling about whether this is necessary on a
straightforward record?  

* A few people have included related works/manifestations


Plenty of other differences too, so let's open the discussion



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