I have to say that I agree with Anne. While it seems clunky to include it, in a post MARC world, the relationship of any entries without designators won't be obvious so I would be inclined to include it as standard throughout. 

Though, in my head, I still come back to the legacy data issue, but I know we have to start somewhere.

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I think the relationship designator question is significant. While a human can infer authorship unless something else is stated, a computer needs statements to be explicit and this will help in any future data manipulation. So, ugly as it looks, I think it's a good idea to include it. Plus, there's the whole issue that in a world without preference for books or text (which RDA aims to be), the default responsibility shouldn't be so text-creator-sepcific as author ;)


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Thank you to everyone who has submitted a version of record 2.

Itıs time to open up discussion on anything youıd like to raise.  Itıs going to be very useful to talk about the differences we see in records, and on some issues we may be able to come to consensus, while other areas will remain open to interpretation!  Any comments we make wonıt be criticisms of differences in records, so please feel free to discuss. 


A few things Iıve noticed to start us offŠ


*some of us have included a second 264 field with a ? date

* some of us (including me!) have included a relationship designator of Œauthorı ­ whatıs the feeling about whether this is necessary on a straightforward record? 

* A few people have included related works/manifestations


Plenty of other differences too, so letıs open the discussion



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