I'm hoping (like a cataloguing superhero) some cataloguers experienced in 
RDA from the US (as the main place I know who have been actively training 
and cataloguing with RDA) will appear to helpfully tell us how they've 
explained this to their staff and how they've come to understand it 

If we're all struggling after only looking at these 10 titles, I'm 
definitely sharing that unease about the prospect of training all my 
colleagues about it.


On Oct 24 2012, Anne Welsh wrote:

>I wondered about Gorman and Winkler, but my head was exploding by that
>point, and so I didn't in the end.
> Overall, I'm finishing day 1 with a feeling of general uneasiness about 
> what we do with editors and, particularly, a concern about how I would 
> explain it all (regarding editors) to the students.
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>Subject:  [CIG-E-FORUM] Persons, families and corporate bodies associated
>with AACR2
>I fear I╣m opening a can of worms here, but can I see what others think
>about this:
>I entered the Joint steering committee as creator
>Michael Gorman and Paul Winkler as contributors (for their role as editors)
>And then as others associated with the work, I went the whole hog and
>entered: ALA, Australian Committee on Cat, BL, Canadian Committee on Cat,
>CILIP, LC, CLA (forgive abbreviations here).
>Has anyone else entered all of them (I╣m still trying to open all the
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