I too like the idea of regional RDA practice groups, and although its completely too soon to really offer, I have a feeling we could sort something out in Cardiff / South Wales.


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Dear colleagues,
I echo Nicky’s comments. The idea of regional RDA practice groups is a very interesting one.
Kind regards,
Jill Tomkinson
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Re: [CIG-E-FORUM] Regional practice groups

Thanks Nicky
I’ll log the expressions of interest we have today, and then CIG can consider whether this would be a sensible way forward.
Thanks for your enthusiasm.
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25 October 2012 10:20
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[CIG-E-FORUM] Regional practice groups

I think that regional RDA practice groups are a wonderful idea. The level of participation in this e-forum has shown how useful it is to have the opportunity to discuss RDA with other cataloguers.
Metadata Co-ordinator
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