UK edition: I did include it, purely because it's got the word
'edition' in it (RDA However, other examples we've looked at
have said "First published 2012" and I haven't turned that into "1st
edition" purely because it doesn't contain the word 'edition'. Am I
being inconsistent?


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Dear all,

Here is my record for title 6, looking forward to another day of
discussions. I did all of today's titles using the MARC template,
though I
must say I think I found the RDA template easier to use.

Questions in this record for me: 1) The edition statement - did others

consider "UK edition" to be an edition statement? 2) I've obviously
to transcribe all the editors and also provide access points for them
3) Relationship designators - after Alan's helpful email and all of
yesterday's discussions on this, I'd need to see the contents page to
a decision here between "editor" and "editor of compilation" but feel
fairly happy that they're not "author". I've left my original choice of

"editor" in the record.

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