Thanks for the reply Jonathan and for noticing and acknowledging my various posts across the internet.

My posts to forums or mailing lists, whatever and wherever they are, are always carefully considered and measured as far as possible - to a certain degree - I will not get bogged down in restrained language at times; not when a full and candid story needs to be told.  You may have noticed I'm a fighter against injustice, and abhor crass, unfeeling, abusing, bullying officialdom and the apologists for it.  My local council ticks so many boxes as all of the above and more.  The FoI team will say black is white on occasion - because they are pressured into it or maybe lied to. Perfect example here:

I also remain wary of vested interests, whether they be salaried, or involved in the field for training purposes, or advancement of their own business.  They will defend to the hilt their right be involved in that field and to build a career from it.  And that is their right.  I'll come forward and give my view.  I will "say it how I see it", like I just did in that last post when people rushed to defend what I know to be the indefensible, or fail to acknowledge the full picture.  Which is years of concealment and cover up, and ultimately the failure to make people accountable for learning disabled abuse.  Yes, it's emotional - but that is not to be diminished, discarded or pooh poohed.  It's emotional for me because I have a close relative who may be on the brink of calling upon Wirral Council for help from their Adult Social Services Department very soon - which is the heart of many of the problems.

This in part is why I've posted links to some of Wirral Council's more recent output.  I know this council VERY WELL.  I worked for this council.  I blew the whistle on financial impropriety and received a range of trumped up "bullying" disciplinary allegations in return.  I resigned.  The Director who brought the false charges, which collapsed at my final hearing, is currently suspended himself for his subsequent role in contract impropriety on a very £large scale, breaching EU rules.

Posters here may not know the crucial finer detail.  I say to them, some very quick research, before sounding off, would enable them to build a better picture of what is pretty much a basket case of an organisation, possibly nearing its "death throes", but currently going through what could only be described as a "Hillsboroughesque" scenario (not in magnitude or seriousness of course) but containing all the same old insincere, failed attempts to manipulate public opinion, to try to draw a blanket and put matters to bed: 'action plans'; 'reviews'; the calling in of the LGA, for form and effect, whilst chucking compromise agreements around like confetti, with gagging clauses; paying off staff suspected to be abusers with our public money; appearing to provide them with a clean bill of health and by turns enabling and encouraging potential further abuse with unknown numbers of vulnerable people again elsewhere in the future.  Who's bothered? We got rid of the problem.........

That's why I'm direct in my words and my approach.  It's abusive Wirral.  See 7.1:

I live here.  My relatives live here.  I hope to promote debate, but also to foster some understanding (there has been some, a modicum.  Thanks for that.)  I would never lump everyone in together as unfeeling apologists and bystanders, but the feeling I get from Information and Data people, having been subject to a sort of "ban" which lasted 20 months, and having seen the Head of DP lay supine and allow senior officers to drive a coach and horses through his carefully crafted data and information policies, and not seen as much as a whimper of protest about it on a wider scale, then I'm forming the view that many have their priorities out of kilter.  Many are and remain PUBLIC SERVANTS.  Does the accumulation of £dosh, or the paying of the mortgage, or the ascending of the greasy pole trump all else?  Where are the honesty, the principles and most of all..... the courage?

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