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There is still so little work that has been done on the chicken in Europe and much of the literature (including recent papers by Kris Poole 2010 and myself 2012) are simply recycling 'received wisdom'. There is a need for some new original (and critical) research.

It is for this reason that Mark Maltby and I started Chicken Coop to encourage everyone to share data and resolve this issue (amongst others) through collaboration.  The team is getting bigger now and if anyone wants to get involved, do please get in contact.

Poole, K. 'Bird Introductions' in O'Connor, T. and Sykes, N. 2010. Extinctions and Invasions: A Social History of British Fauna. Windgather: Oxford  - this can be downloaded here

Sykes, N. 2012. A social perspective on the introduction of exotic animals: the case of the British chicken, World Archaeology 44(1): 158-169  - I can forward a copy of this to anyone who wants it.

All the best, Naomi

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Dear Lena,

According to Yalden and Albarella (2009, 100) domestic fowl entered Europe via Southern Russia, along routes which later became the silk road, as shown by the earliest dates (Bronze Age) occurring in south-east Europe, thence spreading during the Iron Age era to Poland and Holland by 700BC, Italy by 500BC and France by 100BC (taken from West and Zhou 1988). It does seem odd that there are no earlier dates for French chickens, particularly as some of the Iron Age chickens from England, in particular Danebury, may well date before 100BC.

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Yalden, D, and Albarella, U, 2009 The History of British Birds, London.

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Dear all,

It is established that chicken were introduced to Britain in the late Iron Age, just prior to the Roman invasion in AD 43. But when did chicken come to northern France/Belgium/Netherlands? Is there a date (century?) for that?

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