Dear Tony,

this project maybe of interest for you:

Moreno-Garcia, Marta / Pimenta, Carlos / Ruas, José Paulo (2006):  
Osteometric Characterization of the Iberian Wolf (Canis lupus  
signatus): A first database, poster presented at the 10th ICAZ  
International Conference, 23rd-28th August 2006, Mexico City, Lisboa
It is online on bone commons:

Norbert Beneckes following book contains quite an amount of metrical  
data of wolf skulls taken according to von den Driesch:
Benecke, Norbert (1994): Archäozoologische Studien zur Entwicklung der  
Haustierhaltung in Mitteleuropa und Südskandinavien von den Anfängen  
bis zum ausgehenden Mittelalter, Schriften zur Ur- und Frühgeschichte  
46, Berlin

There are also several measurement data in one of my papers:
Küchelmann, Hans Christian (2009): Ein Canidenskelett (5. - 8. Jh.)  
aus der Wurt Jemgumkloster (Gemarkung Holtgaste, Gde. Jemgum, Ldkr.  
Leer/Ostfriesland). ? Nachrichten aus Niedersachsens Urgeschichte 78,  
I can pass you a pdf off-list if you want me to.

Maybe also these papers (althogh they are not new) could be useful  
(but I have no pdfs of them):
Wortmann, Waltraud (1971): Metrische Untersuchungen an Schädeln von  
Coyoten, Wölfen und Hunden. ? Zoologischer Anzeiger 186, 435-464

Zollitsch, Helmut (1969): Metrische Untersuchungen an Schädeln adulter  
Wildwölfe und Goldschakale. ? Zoologischer Anzeiger 182 (3/4), 153-182



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> Good day all,
> There are any number of papers that seek to discriminate the crania  
> of wolf and dog by statistical procedures. However, few of these  
> provide us with any actual data. Can anyone kindly point me towards  
> a data set of wolf skull measurements (old world or new) taken  
> according to Von den Driesch?
> Best regards,
> Tony Legge

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