One thing the realist review community needs to do is collect all the
rejection letters from major journals and pubish a paper explaining common
editorial/reviewer misconceptions. That way, instead of reinventing the
wheel every time our papers get rejected we can all just send a copy of
the 'generic rebuttal'.

So when you get those rejection letters, think of them as DATA!

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>In the US, we probably have farther to go than you imagine.  So far as I
>can tell, our major medical journals, have never published a process
>control chart, much less a realist evaluation. Pediatrics now has a QI
>section, and we have a couple quality/safety journals. But otherwise,
>it's an arid desert. Let me know if you know of contrary examples.
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>Subject: Re: journal suggestions: MI for teen health
>Hi Kelly
>It would be very useful for me (as a sometime trainer in RS) and possibly
>for the RAMESES core team to see the specific concerns about the
>methodology - perhaps you might be prepared to share them with us in a
>bit more detail at another time, or perhaps through a private email (e.g.
>to Geoff Wong or myself)?
>In relation to journals:
>Evaluation (European Journal) has published quite a bit of realist
>evaluation stuff and may stretch to a realist review (might be worth an
>exploratory email before you submit, asking their views on that!)
>I personally favour getting reviews into topic specific journals because
>I think it will 'spread the word' about the fact that different synthesis
>methods are 'available and out there'.  Not to mention, good examples
>might help demonstrate how useful the realist approach is!
>Others will be better informed than I about specific journals.
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>Subject: journal suggestions: MI for teen health
>Hi All-
>Just got a manuscript rejected from Health Psychology Review as they did
>not find the realist method credible (etc, save you the details). The MS
>examines the use of motivational interviewing to address adolescent
>health behaviours, using a realist review.
>Suggestions for journals? Our team is thinking something European? Not
>sure if a review journal is within our reach, or if something more topic
>specific is better.
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