Dear all


Have been told of a UK library that is migrating its stock to the new UK RFID data standard over the summer and  have of course signed them up to come and tell us all about it in November!


I had previously heard from a couple of libraries seeking to do the same but who had so far received no reply from their supplier so it’s heartening to know that there is at least one project now underway that honours the pledges made by RFID suppliers to do just this. I’d love to hear of any other libraries doing the same. I have been told there are “loads of them” – but can never find out who they are.


Given that more and more new implementations are using the standard in Australia, the US (and even the UK!) the ability of early adopters to switch over is likely to be quite important if they are going to be able to take advantage of new products and services based on the standard – let alone have the freedom to source RFID hardware from a wider range of suppliers.


I’m sure there are many different ways to carry out a successful migration (I can even think of three myself) so it would be very helpful to hear from the other libraries that have already done this what strategy they followed so that we can include it in the programme for November.


Thanks very much






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