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If you've been watching Creating Capacity’s offer pages you'll know that Project Management is ahead in the
bidding at the moment. So if you are ready for some project management
training soon, join with the others who've expressed an interest and bid to
make the course happen. 

The benefits of signing up
Join Elizabeth Oxborrow-Cowan to gain from her
expertise as an archivist and professional management consultant. Elizabeth
will help develop: 
* Understanding of what makes a project
* Awareness of core project planning techniques
* Skills in measuring and monitoring project success
* Skills in developing an implementation plan The course is everything you
need to get off the ground as an effective and successful project manager,
so bid now and make sure it runs soon. 

What to do next
1. Click on the big green bar at the top of the information page 2. Enter your details 3. Click 'Bid Now'
4. Sign up for any colleagues who might like to attend

Then when 15 people have expressed an interest in the course we'll:
* Contact everyone to find a convenient day to run it
* Confirm the date with you, Elizabeth and the venue
* Prepare the all important Course Handbook
* Run the session on the agreed date with at least 10 participants

You pay for your course, which costs £155 plus VAT, only when you have a
confirmed date on which it will run. Need to know more? Go to our Frequently
Asked Questions for all the details. Course venue
details are available at 

If this course isn't for you then perhaps you would prefer to bid for any of
the other courses on offer What's certain is that
without your input we can't run courses, so do join in and help us design a
programme that works for you.  

With best wishes,
Creating Capacity
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