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A new peer-reviewed academic journal has just been launched entitled Performing Islam. Please see the attachment if you would like to submit an article for a future edition
. If you or your institution would like to subscribe to the journal you can do so here:,id=209.

Here is the journal outline and the table of contents for the first issue:

Founder and Editor

Kamal Salhi University of Leeds

Emerging from an international network project funded by the British Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Economics and Social Research Council, and research collaboration between academics and practitioners, Performing Islam is the first peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal about Islam and performance and their related aesthetics. It focuses on socio-cultural as well as the historical and political contexts of artistic practices in the Muslim world. The journal covers dance, ritual, theatre, performing arts, visual arts and cultures, and popular entertainment in Islam-influenced societies and their diasporas. It promotes insightful research of performative expressions of Islam by performers and publics, and encompasses theoretical debates, empirical studies, postgraduate research, interviews with performers, research notes and queries, and reviews of books, conferences, festivals, events and performances.

In Memory of Mohammed Arkoun 19282010

Authors:  Kamal Salhi 

Suluk Wujil and Javanese Performance Theory
Authors:  Matthew Isaac Cohen 

Ambivalences of piety: Gendered identities of Egyptian women in performance
Authors:  Mona Khedr 

The politics of performance and the creation of South Asian music in Britain: Identities, transnational cosmopolitanism and the public sphere
Authors:  Hae-kyung Um 

Sacred pleasure, pain and transformation in African Indian Sidi Sufi ritual and performance
Authors:  Amy Catlin-Jairazbhoy 

British Muslim Converts Performing 'Authentic Muslimness'
Authors:  Leon Moosavi 

Yassavi zikr in twenty-first century Central Asia: sound, place and authenticity
Authors:  Razia Sultanova 

Interview with Raja (Radio DJ), Walsall, Birmingham (18 April 2010)
Authors:  Thomas Hodgson 

Performing dhikr above a nightclub: the interplay of commerce and spirituality at the Fez Festival of Sufi Culture
Authors:  Nina Ter Laan 

Best wishes,

Dr Leon Moosavi
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