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Will you be able to tell us after the meeting tomorrow which authority 
we can inundate with emails and letters to ask them to change the decision?


On 20/05/2012 14:58, Anthony Slater wrote:
> Dear friends,
> It is with a very heavy heart that I have to inform you that Phoenix
> House Haga, Norway has lost its funding from the South Eastern Regional
> Health Authority in Norway.
> The decision was communicated last Monday from the Health Authority.
> If it is not possible to manage to get this decision overturned before
> the end of June, then the funding that Phoenix requires will cease from
> July 1^st 2012, as I understand it at this time.
> Although I recognize that drug free therapeutic community treatment is
> not for everyone at all times during recovery, I am left astounded that
> a treatment programme with such a long history of effectiveness during
> this last 21/22 years, is to be closed by the stroke of a pen via civil
> servants.
> As many or most of you will know, for health reasons my direct
> involvement with Phoenix Haga has been limited over this last 12 months,
> however although I’m now retired from Phoenix Haga, I am committed to
> assist Phoenix Haga as much as is required through this very difficult
> time. Phoenix Haga a not for profit therapeutic community was open in
> 1990 and admitted the first resident group in August of the same year.
> Former residents of Phoenix have created an action page
> which can be found (
> just look for an icon of a loud speaker and go from there) the page has
> over 17.000 hits at present and very moving statements sharing people’s
> feelings and experiences. Although I realize that many of list members
> will not be able to read the Norwegian language, please believe me when
> I say that the messages truly embody  the spirit of the therapeutic
> community.
> I am able to visit Phoenix Haga on Monday 21/May and hope to be briefed
> on the present situation plus receive the contact details of the
> relevant political offices, persons and civil servants to continue to
> challenge what is a devastating blow to many peoples present and future
> recovery.
> On behalf of the community of Phoenix Haga, graduates, staff’ families,
> the board of directors, I call upon   and implore all friends and
> associates to support us during this very bleak time in our history.
> Sincere thanks in advance,
> Anthony Slater ( Former director –Phoenix House Haga, president E.F.T.C.)

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