Hi Carr,

Hope you are well. Yes, I have seen problems with adhesions for those having undergone surgery of this type and simply because this whole area is soooooo tender! Pushing/pulling is the main difficulty plus handling above chest level being of concern. Sounds like she has had a rough time with infections. Would be interesting to hear what the FCE finds!

Kind Regards,

> Hi all
> 31 year old female - double mastectomy due to pre-cancerous gene in 2009;
> reconstructive surgery but has had numerous "redos" due to infections etc.
> States physically well now and no impairment to ADLs etc although may have
> implants revised later this year for positioning.****
> Works in logistics and can manage parcels etc - has to move them from
> shelving to customer when customer calls to collect parcel.****
> States does not feel can push/pull trolleys of parcels but cannot tell me
> why apart from "think it would hurt".. I am referring for an FCE but am
> just wondering if anyone has come across functional limitaitons after
> breast implant surgeries?****
> Carr

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