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I was just writing a report  - won't go into the case, but basically woman referred for frequent short term sickness absence, young daughter with 'disability' and I recalled a case where someone won a claim for discrimination re dependants disability, was just googling to get my facts straight for my recommendations and this was one of the sites I came to:

“Employers should be aware of the wider protection against discrimination employees will now enjoy.

Employees with caring responsibilities for the disabled and elderly already have rights to request flexible working and to reasonable time off to deal with emergencies in respect of dependents. In addition to heeding these rights, to avoid age and/or disability discrimination claims employers must now ensure that such employees are not treated less favourably because of their caring responsibilities.

 Employers who may not be aware of their employee’s caring responsibilities should encourage employees to provide such information from the outset of employment and ensure that open lines of communication are maintained so they can keep abreast of the extent of the employee’s caring responsibilities, which may change over time

Which begs the question should OH ask about dependants when we ask the '4 questions' at employment, or maybe Recruitment should ask - is it asked at all?!

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Wendy Stimson RGN RSCPHN (OH)

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