Anyone had any luck with ATW and getting assistance with transport funding lately? I haven’t tried ATW for transport assistance such as taxis for years.


Just realised that ATW may assist with a lady who had surgery for detached retina (likely caused by diabetes) and whose vision may not reach the DVLA legal standards for driving. Apparently they successfully repaired it and then inserted silicone oil which acts as a splint! Unfortunately this causes blurred vision but is removed after 6-12 months and her vision should be good. However, the field of vision in her ‘good’ eye has been affected by extensive laser surgery due to diabetic retinopathy – alas, her specialist didn’t tell her that she might not be able to drive. She is devastated and waiting for a DVLA centre eyetest.........!


She is 62 yrs old, lives in a village, commutes into London and her journey would be multiple bus, trains and take 2.5 hours each way by public transport.........


I await some good news from you all!




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