I have had to do 3 of these in my life including one of my team and I did it mainly because I didn't want an insensitive male manager trying to tackle the issue which was the alternate. One lady was allergic to deoderants, was menopausal and wore nylon near her skin which aggravated her sweating and caused odour. Can be sometimes caused by slight fungal infection (cheesy smell) under large breasts (sorry blokes for that image so close to dinner).

What we worked out between us is swapping to cotton undergarments and tops, using flushable baby wet wipes under the armpits, breasts at lunchtime in the ladies and around the vulva when going to the bathroom as well as applying canestan cream under the breasts. No problems after that.

One of the other ladies needed botox injections to her armpits for excessive sweating and the other moved to an aluminun based deoderant.

I think coming to the point and being factual and offering practical advice if possible is better than letting people talk about her behind her back and possibly shun her.


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Subject: [OCC-HEALTH] Colleagues reporting body odour

Dear all
I have been asked to see again a lady whose colleagues insist has fairly severe episodes of body odour.
I am now being asked to confirm or deny any medical issues causing the problem.
This query has been formulated by the company lawyers.
The lady in question has a high BMI around 40 and is experiencing very heavy episodes of bleeding PV
I saw the lady in question last year.She is really distraught,using every type of deodorant etc
I am happy to see her to reassure her and have already advised that the most likely outcome is that I report that there is no medical explanation for the issue being raised by her colleagues and that I found no medical cause for any concern.
Has anyone any advice/guidance?

I tried last year to get the lady to use CBT for her self confidence. Single person office /home office working  is not an option .
I do realise that this is a management issue but if there is any other avenue I can explore which would be helpful I would be really pleased to hear about it
Many thanks as always for all the brilliant feedback on this site.

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