Hi Hazel

Totally agree with Carr, until you can and do carry out a full assessment 
with him. For background information try the hep c trust weblink loads of 
information re: treatments, side effects etc. DoH document essential 
information for professionals and guidance on testing is also good 
information - link below.

Also NICE has guidelines for hep c treatments see link below.[log in to unmask]

Hope this helps.



Occupational Health Adviser
Cardiff University

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Date:   02/05/2012 12:03
Subject:        [OCC-HEALTH] Help!
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Would greatly appreciate some advice on someone who has been referred to 
me.  This gentleman is due to under go treatment for Hep C + blood 
parasite. He is a driver who has been told the treatment could make him 
drowsy, nauseous etc. The Human Resources department has re-arranged his 
shifts to work Mon-Fri to allow him to have his treatment at the W-end.
This is all the information I have at present and I cannot contact the 
individual. I have been asked to give advice on his fitness to work, 
likelihood of this being a recurrent problem, any work related issues and 
any adjustments required.
As I know absolutely nothing about this condition would be grateful for 
any help/advice anyone could give. After quickly googling this I’m aware 
there are 6 types called genotypes numbered 1-6. I do not know what type 
he has or what treatment he will be receiving. I’m trying to get more info 
about this but in the meantime can anyone help?
Cheers H
Hazel Archer
Occupational Health Adviser
Greggs Bakery Leeds
Tel: 01132180224
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