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Would any of you be interested in undertaking a scholarly review of Jean Rose’s book – see below - for possible inclusion in the next edition of the Journal of Learning development in Higher Education (find it via ). We’ll include any resulting review in the journal if we feel it offers readers a significantly useful perspective (rather than just an overview of the book’s content).   


If you’d like to do this; first come, first served – let me know by the end of the week please.


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From: Jean Rose [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: 31 January 2012 22:47
To: John Hilsdon
Subject: Help with writing skills


Professor Hilsdon


I've recently been preparing the 3rd edition of my book The Mature Student's Guide to Writing (Palgrave Macmillan) which is due for publication in the autumn. The publishers are now pressing me to provide details of people who might review it or recommend it to their students. The pay-off is a free copy of the book.


The book is aimed at adult returners who are, as I'm sure you know, frequently nervous and unsure of themselves. It covers basic essay-writing as well as writing for different purposes, referencing, grammar, punctuation and the construction of clear sentences.


There are a number of essay-writing books on the market that go into greater depth than mine, but my aim has been to give students a strong, clear start from which they can later develop further plus a taste of other kinds of writing that they might be required to produce. The key aspects of the book are simplicity, clarity, and  a conversational style that puts students at their ease while helping them to produce academically-sound assignments.


I was given your name in the study support section at the University this morning and I hope that you might be interested to review the book and perhaps let me know of staff who might find it useful for their students. I know, for example, that lecturers value its ability to 'talk' to students, and that the earlier editions have been useful in certain universities in areas such as health studies and early years education where students' factual knowledge can race ahead of their ability to write.




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