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I have a student who is really struggling on her FND degree in Graphic Communication. She has Dyslexia and Scotopic Sensitivity and is very slow to grasp information.


She has received a Laptop (Mac) plus other enabling pieces of software but not any course related software as this was not recommended in the Access Centre report. The student says that she does not have the time in college to learn how to use the software e.g. Photoshop, because it takes her a lot longer to learn than the others, but if she had the software at home, she could improve her skills.


-          This is an argument for coursebased software.


Oh, I nearly forgot, she also has a back problem, but I suppose this does not really come into the equation, though it could be argued that she needs to rest and that the tiredness that comes with it also affects her ability to learn how ti use the software when in college?  


-                      She needs to get a letter from her doctor confirming this, send it to SFE with a view to having her ergonomic needs assessment. Sound ergonomics are a key part of effective working.


What do you think the chances of the assessor recommending the additional software based on what I have said? Should she pursue it?


-          Assessor opinions are difficult to predict but the details you give her indicate a sound prima facia case.


My worry is, she is nearing the end of her first year and that it is too late for her to learn how to use the software effectively/quickly as she has quite a few assignments to submit. She may end up repeating the which case the software would be great!


Thanks, Paul

Disability Officer, Richmond upon Thames College (FE)




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