Good afternoon,

my name is María Alejandra Gallegos, I work in the library of the Grain Exchange (Argentina) and we’re developing a digital library

( )

Although we’ve read the DCMI user guide, we still have some doubts. Can you healp us ?


For example:

Bolsa de Cereales. Instituto de Estudios Económicos

Indicadores comerciales. Agosto 2012, v. 8, nº 80


What elements would you include in dc.title ? And, in what dc.element would you indicate the sequential designations ?


At last, in a case like this:

                                          Cavadini, Jason

                                          Affect of row spacing of no-till soybeans on soil erosion. Soil survey horizons. August 2010,

                                          v. 51, nº 2, p. 41-44.


We are in doubt about use dc.Relation.IsPartOf or dc.Source to indicate “Soil survey horizons. August 2010, v. 51, nº 2,

p. 41-44”. What would you use ?


Thank you very much for read our mail and best regards.


Bib. María Alejandra Gallegos


Bolsa de Cereales

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