Hi Dan,

The Dutch government has developed a DCAP called OWMS and declared it - comply or explain - standard for government information on  the web. It is applied to several content collections like local announcements, permits, products and services and several web sites. And we are developing an AP for open data and for legislation as we speak. 

When the Dutch Standardisation committee declared OWMS a comply or explain standard, they strongly advised us to monitor the future developments related to and determine possible implications for Dutch Gov metadata. The last time I had a closer look at, last year, I thought it would need some extension to be interesting for the domain of public sector information.

As  you will understand most of the documentation and content is in Dutch, which I know is not completely new to you, but perhaps that is not what you are looking for. Or perhaps you could use help to make an interpretation. Are you looking for real real-world records or just for record descriptions? Just let me know if you are interested in these kind of examples and I will see how I could help you.

An example of real-world records in English can be found in the content collection of the web site of our central government [1]. See for example the dcterms in the <head> section of [2].



2012/5/12 Dan Brickley <[log in to unmask]>
Hi all

I keep finding myself in need of a collection of real-world examples
of DC usage. I can't be alone in this!

For the mapping work, and in general to inform discussion
around about how it might add vocabulary around, etc., it
would be great to have a few (10-20, say) examples of different Dublin
Core records. I know DC has been used and extended in all kinds of
ways, from image archives, educational resources, books, OAI-PMH,
articles, etc etc. I just can't easily put my hands on some
illustrative examples of all this. It would be particularly useful to
have a sense of which patterns are most widely used - a theme which
ties in to the 'application profiles' discussion. But just a standard
bundle of basic DC examples would be great to start with - does anyone
have something like this?