On 5/29/12 1:48 AM, Antoine Isaac wrote:
> Hi Karen,
> I think the idea was to get examples of real DC metadata deployed, for
> which annotation would be needed. We can then use these
> example to guide and/or validate the mapping effort.

Antoine, et al,

I should have made it clear that I was referring to the DCAM examples, 
not the examples... but both discussions are good. :-)

I added some notes to the ISBD examples[1] after reading up on ISBD. I 
now feel that these examples will not be useful for the DCAM discussion 
because the thrust of ISBD really is display (or textual markup, if you 
will), and the "data elements" are parts of a display string that must 
be maintained in the order in which it is provided by the cataloger. I 
think it would be difficult (although maybe not impossible) to 
reconstruct the correct display order algorithmically.

I think that a better example would be the enumeration elements for a 
journal article citation: volume, number, date, pagination. These can be 
re-combined in various types of displays, e.g.

   v. 1, n. 7, March/April, 1997. pp. 156-158

I could write this one up if people think it is useful.


> Dan and I have posted some examples from Europeana during the call. For
> instance:
> has RDFa, which currently uses DC. The question of relevance for us
> would be, what should the microdata (or RDFa) be on that page?
> Antoine
>> I'd be happy to add more examples, but I'm not exactly sure what is
>> needed. Therefore the question is whether I should go ahead and add
>> some out of my own "bag of tricks," or hold off until we have an idea
>> of the direction... If anyone has an idea of the types of examples
>> that they would like to see, please speak up!
>> kc
>> On 5/27/12 11:16 PM, Thomas Baker wrote:
>>> Dear all,
>>> My availability will be quite limited from 15 June to 6 August. For five
>>> of those seven weeks, my access to Internet will be quite limited. I
>>> will try to keep up with discussion on the the mailing lists but with
>>> the possible exception of 23-27 July it will be difficult for me to
>>> organize telecons during that time.
>>> In my experience, moreover, it is more difficult generally to keep group
>>> momentum going in July and August -- though those can be the time when
>>> people find the time to get things done on an individual basis.
>>> There is significant overlap of participants between the groups
>>> interested in alignment and in DCAM, and both groups are
>>> coming around to approaches that emphasize the collection and use of
>>> examples. Progress in both groups has been hampered by uncertainty
>>> about how to collect, process, and publish such usage examples -- what
>>> tools to use, how to process issues, and the like.
>>> Thanks to the efforts of Gregg and Jon, on the other hand, we have made
>>> great progress on documenting DCMI Metadata Terms -- if all goes well,
>>> look for a release of DCMI Metadata Terms with RDFa 1.1 on 1 June -- and
>>> Dan is making similar progress on the side. I have heard
>>> additional ideas about how documentation processes might be further
>>> improved. Any similar sort of progress on tools and workflows for
>>> collecting and presenting mappings and usage examples would help both
>>> the and DCAM efforts move forward.
>>> In terms of my schedule, the week between Wednesday 6 June and Wednesday
>>> 13 June is the best time for telecons between now and 6 August. I have
>>> posted Doodle polls for each:
>>> -- DCAM
>>> -- June 6/7/8 looking most likely
>>> -- Alignment
>>> -- June 6/7/8 or 11/12/13
>>> Tom

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