Dear all,

My availability will be quite limited from 15 June to 6 August. For five
of those seven weeks, my access to Internet will be quite limited.  I
will try to keep up with discussion on the the mailing lists but with
the possible exception of 23-27 July it will be difficult for me to
organize telecons during that time.

In my experience, moreover, it is more difficult generally to keep group
momentum going in July and August -- though those can be the time when
people find the time to get things done on an individual basis.

There is significant overlap of participants between the groups
interested in alignment and in DCAM, and both groups are
coming around to approaches that emphasize the collection and use of
examples.  Progress in both groups has been hampered by uncertainty
about how to collect, process, and publish such usage examples -- what
tools to use, how to process issues, and the like.

Thanks to the efforts of Gregg and Jon, on the other hand, we have made
great progress on documenting DCMI Metadata Terms -- if all goes well,
look for a release of DCMI Metadata Terms with RDFa 1.1 on 1 June -- and
Dan is making similar progress on the side.  I have heard
additional ideas about how documentation processes might be further
improved.  Any similar sort of progress on tools and workflows for
collecting and presenting mappings and usage examples would help both
the and DCAM efforts move forward.

In terms of my schedule, the week between Wednesday 6 June and Wednesday
13 June is the best time for telecons between now and 6 August.  I have
posted Doodle polls for each:

-- DCAM  
    -- June 6/7/8 looking most likely

-- Alignment 
    -- June 6/7/8 or 11/12/13


Tom Baker <[log in to unmask]>