Hi Mark


Our students don’t see the ‘browse content collection’ button. I was under the impression that this is because we haven’t enabled the small space for files for student users.


So it’s certainly possible – however, I don’t know if this would allow you to have the ‘Public folder’ visible to students.


If you want more details as to our set up, please get in touch.





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Subject: Student access to CMS files


Dear all, hoping for some inspiration here – 9.1 SP5 with content system.


We have all of our CMS content stored in the Institution area, with each course having a Staff Only folder (no student read access) and a Public folder (student read access enabled). When lecturers add content to their courses, attachments are automatically placed in the Public folder. So far so good, unless the course item is set to Not Available, which does not change CMS access rights. When students are submitting assignments in their course they have the option to Browse Content Collection, at which point they can see content that should not yet be available to them.


Solutions are to (manually) move files into the Staff Only folder, but this is not a sensible solution, as they then need to be (manually) moved back when the items are made available. What we'd prefer to be able to do is to remove the Browse Content Collection option on the student page, as we don't use the My Content area anyway.


Am I missing something obvious here? Or can someone point me in the direction of removing the Browse Content Collection button?


Any suggestions much appreciated.


Mark Northover

AUT University