Dear Kevin,


At Aberystwyth, we used to ‘roll over’ by removing the students from the modules, and then enrolling new students. We kept one instance of each module, with whatever content was in it at the time of rollover.


Starting last summer, we went to a ‘course copy’ process. We set up a new template and made a copy of all active modules for the coming academic year. The copies include all of the previous year’s content but will have the current year’s students. The Blackboard course ID includes the academic year and we changed the My Institution page to put current modules in a separate box. We now keep one instance of each module per academic year, and allow last year’s students to retain access to last year’s version of the module. We can also do the course copy earlier in the summer, because we don’t have to wait for resits to be completed before doing roll over.


We had an outreach campaign to talk to each department and encourage them to refresh their modules through the process of moving to the new template. We are repeating it again this year to pick up any modules that have not been refreshed.


Our aims were:

·         Help students learn by allowing them to keep access to their modules from one year to the next

·         Enable academic staff earlier access to revise their modules earlier in the summer

·         Encourage academic staff to refresh their teaching material and module organisation

·         Give students a more consistent experience across modules when using Blackboard


We are happy with the result, but will be doing more outreach to make sure that all the modules are reorganised to fit the content into the new template properly for next year.


It will be interesting to hear what other institutions have found when encouraging staff to refresh their modules.


Thanks for opening this thread.






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From: Brace, Kevin [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: 02 May 2012 11:26
Subject: Roll over content - how do you do this?


Dear all,


we are scoping out how others "roll over" Bboard courses from one year to the next.  I.e. do you;


1.       Roll over complete courses to allow staff to update resources/ reading lists, etc. ready for each new academic year? If you do rollover complete courses every year,  have you experienced any permissions issues ( i.e. copy item feature not working as expected) if you don't use Content CMS?


2.       Create empty courses - i.e. no roll over of content each year? If so, have you seen any improvement in "quality" of courses? Or conversely any reduction of Bboard use?


3.       A combination of the above two, e.g. rollover content and also have a clean sweep very 3 - 5 years?


4.       Use a common course template for the above procedures?



At Aston we roll over complete courses. Any new courses are created using a common template.





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