Document Exploitation: The Destruction of the Desert Storm Documents
NARA's 1994 review described a military order issued on Jan. 26, 1991 "to
develop an imaging system for captured Gulf War documents." Within 24 hours
the Army's Decision Systems Management Agency had "developed system
specifications and briefed senior officers, who authorized procurement."
 Thus began the U.S. Army's DOCEX system.

The digital conversion of the "12 million pages" was performed in Kuwait
and Saudi Arabia with Kodak scanners and IBM computers.  They were scanned
in TIFF4 format and stored on Digital Audio Tapes (DAT).  Translators
"perused each document and annotated work sheets with keyword information,
such as the date of capture, location where the document was found, and
type of document."  An index database was also created that "formed the
basis of a paper index" used to "access the records."

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