On 12 Mar 12, at 19:50, Michael Kenward wrote:

> Interesting news though. Someone earlier suggested that it is hard to find
> "PEST" jobs. This announcement, and the many others I see here, suggest that
> it is a lot easier to get into that domain than to get in science
> journalism.

Indeed. With media redundancies, and freelance work drying up, I am no longer able to make a sustainable living from science journalism. I used to, albeit in the B2B sector, which by definition has a low public profile. But no longer, and I'm left considering a move to the dark side, or the abandonment of science altogether. For ethical reasons one cannot do both science journalism and public outreach and/or marketing. At least not in the same areas of science communication.

There are relatively many opportunities in "PEST". The problem is that the non-university jobs tend to pay peanuts, and many appear to be aimed at young graduates. Only the law forbids employers from explicitly saying so. These new positions at Kings College will no doubt be on the union-negotiated RA and academic scales, where the pay is these days quite respectable, and often considerably greater than in the private sector.


Dr Francis Sedgemore
journalist and science writer

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