We-----------ll I don't think it's about cooking -but??????????????????
I guess it might have something to do with the new media and our social
lives???  I remember before when in our cave some idiots obviously!  tried
to introduce sound communication as speech -you never heard such a
racket!!-I stuck to painting on my cave wall something you could rely on
(although had a near miss with a sabre tooth tiger still scarred on left
P in the wilderness

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Hi Patrick,

say what you think it might mean or beak it down into its component units
and looks them up and make your own judgement ;=)

hehe although i could almost take your question as a contribution . . i ask
the same question

that's the point:D


On Mar 14, 2012, at 5:18 PM, Patrick McManus wrote:

> Dear All
> 'Remediating the Social' could someone tell me what this means?- (in 
> nice little words)  so what actually is the subject???
> 'Elmcip ' appears to be about electronic literature (googled!
> Cheers Patrick -out of touch prewar survivor struggling here!!
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> Subject: soliciting contributions : remediating the social (please 
> circulate
> further)
> I have a hystory of making work out of materials sourced from multiple 
> contributors.
> During the past three years I have been performing live texts using 
> projected text-image sequences as a springboard for interdisciplinary 
> improvised performance. In essence these are lo-fi pieces that combine 
> various approaches to textual enactment and reenactment through 
> interpretation, tonal semantics, commentary, extended vocalization, song .
> . somewhat exploring the borderlands between a lecture, a paper, a 
> talk, a poem and a graphic score. Those who have witnessed any of this 
> work will also know that i do not stand to one side of the projections 
> but stand in them, and that i incrementally incorporate documentation 
> into each successive version, to the extent that i do what the 
> fabulous photographer Jo Spence urged; i put myself in the picture. 
> The writing gets all over my body. The resultant highly embodied work 
> gradually includes interventions by others and the status of variant 
> documentation of the work being made becomes part of the emergent and
ongoing text.
> I am making a piece of work for the ELMCIP conference Remediating the 
> Social and i need your help to make it. My title is remediating the 
> social and I want the perspectives presented by the piece, as i 
> explore what remediating the social might mean, to be as radically 
> inclusive as possible. Hence I am seeking massively multiple contributions
of material.
> I will credit everybody who participates, in every instantiation of 
> the work produced (i hope in the end to include aspects of this piece 
> in an electronic book too). Something approximating this call for 
> contributions will accompany every version of the work, listing all 
> those who contributed to its making (unless people self-identify as
wishing not to be listed).
> Here's how you can help (please feel free to contribute one or the 
> other or
> both):
> 1. email me an image (a sourced photo or a photo you take, or a 
> drawing you make or an animated gif you assemble . .) that says 
> something (for you) about the concept and or your understanding of the 
> meaning and interpretation and/or experience of remediation
> 2. tweet me @friedpudding (if you have a twitter account and if you do 
> not have a twitter account then email me a short text (no more than 
> 140
> characters)) offering your thoughts on / critiques of / aspirations for  .
> . the social   
> - IF you have more to say than can be constrained by 140 characters 
> then please send me a sequence of texts and i will deal with them in 
> those units
> N.B. I am circulating this invitation widely and it is expected that 
> many contributions will be critical . . do not be concerned about 
> being critical, jaded, cynical, silly, obstructive . . . DO use 
> multiple languages and languages other than English if you so wish . .
> Deadline: March 31st. I hope to begin making the work during April and 
> will continue during the summer. I might circulate a second call, but 
> i'm hoping that I can get enough contributions to begin to work with asap.
> I will subsequently work with whatever materials i receive to develop 
> a live presentation for the conference in Glasgow. I will be sharing 
> this as work in progress at the UCF ELMCIP seminar - Arnolfini 
> Bristol, on Friday May 4 and show the work at the Edinburgh College of 
> Art, October 31 - November 2, 2012.
> THANK YOU so much, in advance
> hugely looking forwards,
> cris
> *apologies for cross-posting=