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Next week's CeRch seminar may be of interest to some of you.

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Next week's seminar in the Centre for e-Research Seminar Series for 2012, "Enhanced Publications in the Social Sciences and Humanities: tensions, opportunities and problems" by Andrea Scharnhorst, Nick Jankowski, Clifford Tatum, and Sally Wyatt (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, Netherlands), is on Tuesday 27 March, 6.15pm in the Anatomy Museum, King's College London.

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Scholars in the humanities and social sciences are increasingly exploring ways to make their research available on the Web, not only by providing lists of publications but increasingly providing supplementary or original research materials. The term ‘enhanced publications’ (EP) reflects this development and constitutes the focus of a range of initiatives in the Netherlands that explores possibilities and solutions for publishing scholarship in a Web environment.

In this seminar we will present the e-Humanities Group Enhanced Publication Project, which developed Web venues to complement four books (see Fundamental to this approach is a focus on Web-based texts as dynamic and evolving discourses rather than completed works. This focus is on engagement with emerging scholarly practices, particularly with regard to the blending of formal and informal scholarly communication. The aim of the project is to introduce book-related texts, and associated materials, as digital proxies to scholarship. It is common to find a wide variety of reviews and associated discussions about books on the Web. However, it is still uncommon to find the full text of books on the Web. From this perspective, scholarly work published in book format can be viewed as a less influential contribution to Web-based discourses.

We will also discuss the technical features of the project, including preparation of the WordPress platform and two plugins developed for the platform.  In particular, we report on our experiences with MIT Press as related to development of an enhanced publication for the book Virtual Knowledge, to be published by  MIT Press in  2012.