I have a copy of McCracken.
I too used a library copy of this book as my first reference in a Fortran undergrad course in 1972. The copy I now have was purchased from Amazon last August (it cost £2.78, with p&p free). I can loan it to you if you like, but first, I want you to justify to everyone why teaching such archaic junk really is A Good Idea.
Kind regards
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P.S. Amazon has more copies, starting at £0.01 plus £2.80 P&P, and going up to £77.67...
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Subject: Re: fortran iv

Hi Ian,

Just had a look and unfortunately I can't find McCracken. It was my first Fortran book that I had at Leicester Poly

but I must have thrown it out.


On 06 March 2012 at 12:13 Ian Chivers <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Jane and I have been approached for a course
> on Fortran iv!
> would a fortran iv program be potentially standard conformant?
> we are currently searching the internet for
> details of the language and have come across
> a number of sources.
> we have also found quite a surprising number of Fortran IV
> books available via abebooks.
> would anyone have any recommendations for Fortran iv books?
> thanks in advance
> Ian Chivers
> Jane Sleightholme.

Jane Sleightholme

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