Dear Lesley
Our markers on the whole tend not to put comments or annotate exam scripts. They do mark each page to indicate they have all been viewed. Scripts are retained by Faculties for twelve months. Students can ask for individual feed back on exams and may view their script, in the presence of a tutor, although they may not retain it.

Hope this helps

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Subject: Markers' annotations and feedback on exam scripts

Dear all,

I would be interested to know answers to the following in relation to practice at your institution:

(a) Do markers annotate the body of the exam script or provide comments on a separate sheet (or a report sheet attached which is part of the script book?)  

(b) If a separate sheet or report sheet, what happens to it?  Is it retained with the script, held separately from the script, provided to the student as feedback?

(c) If markers annotate the body of the script, how do you manage DPA requests for annotations on exams?

(e) Do you require markers to put some pen mark on each page of the script to confirm that each page has been looked at?

(f) How long do you retain exam scripts?

(g) Do students receive individual feedback on each exam?

Many thanks in advance for your responses. I am happy to collate responses and circulate a summary if people are interested.

Lesley Foulger
Examinations Officer
University of Reading