A reminder about the next Royal Statistical Society Manchester Local Group meeting taking place this Wednesday.


Date:	Wednesday 7th March 2012

Time: 15.45 - 17.00

Venue: G.107 Alan Turing Building, Oxford Road, The University of Manchester

Dr Ian McHale
Salford Business School, University of Salford

"Statistical modelling of lottery player behaviour"

Is it possible for statisticians to use their skills to help win more on the lottery? The answer is yes and the reason it is possible is the phenomenon of conscious selection, the process by which some lottery players choose numbers non-randomly. This talk focuses on the consequences of, and the subsequent modelling of conscious selection. The models presented are used to compare lottery player behaviour in the UK and Spain, and I show that a lottery player is able to increase the expected value of their ticket by strategically choosing numbers which are less popular with other lottery players. Finally, I reveal what these numbers might be...
Tea/Coffee and Biscuits will be served from 15.30 on the first floor Atrium Bridge

All are welcome to attend.

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Dr Richard Emsley
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Biostatistics, Health Sciences Research Group,
School of Community Based Medicine,
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