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It has come to my attention that some Student Unions are taking a stance against  the proposed HESA data collection on sexual orientation and religion and belief, in particular sexual orientation, as it is a particularly sensitive area for transgender students.   Apparently HESA have been approached by a number of SUs to communicate their disagreement with this particular type of data collection.  As well as  introducing these two new fields to the student 2012/13 collection, HESA are also making other changes with regard to a differentiation between ‘gender’ and ‘sex’. 


In light of this, we are reviewing the necessity to collect such data and have discovered that the two future fields in question have actually been deemed ‘optional’ by HESA for both staff and students.


I am therefore writing to ask what approach other institutions are taking and if they have already started to collect the data, what sort of response you have received.


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Mrs Sandra Beaufoy

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