Hi all, 

Hope you are well.  Apologies for not being in touch before now, I
promised to host the next meeting but what with one thing and another
it's not been possible to promise dates till now.  Anyway, a doodle poll
is available at:  I've suggested
dates after Easter too in case March dates are a bit too imminent!
Could you please complete the poll by Monday 5th March?


Also, I've had a request from Judith Baines who you may know has
recently taken up post as Head of Careers at Hertfordshire.  Judith
would like to know if Hertfordshire could join CSL her rationale is:  "
I would see Herts agenda as closer to some of London unis. such as
Westminster, London Met., East London, SouthBank, Middlesex, Greenwich
as opposed to the Eastern AGCAS grouping (Cambridge, Bedfordshire,
Writtle (agricultural), University of E. Anglia, Open University,
Cranfield, NSAD (art and design)." She also cites current collaboration
with both Middlesex and Westminster.


I think this a decision for the membership rather than the chair.  As
such I suggest that we discuss as part of the agenda at the upcoming
meeting.  If anyone feels that it is a clear cut yes or no it would be
useful if you could let me know.


I'll send out a call for agenda items once we have a confirmed date.  


All the best



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