My apologies for a simple question:

how can anyone announce a second series of Writers Forum Workshop who was 
not personally authorised by Bob Cobbing in the first place?

I am sure nobody who knew Bob personally and/or appreciates all the work 
that he did for poetry would act in such a way.

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Subject: more coincidental bookings..

March 10th, 3.30, London. The Betsey Trotwood, or The Fox?

OK, I know I'm opening a can of worms here. Probably it's been opened here 
before, but I missed it. Don't forgive me, I'm bored.

I've seen Lawrence Upton's views on the "theft" of the name Writers Forum - 
i.e. here:

Reading that post, he appears to me merely right. Stephen Mooney's co-opting 
of the name is an injury - what's worse, a gratuitous injury -  that is 
constantly renewed so long as it isn't remedied. To which, perhaps, affront 
is added by the coincidence of the workshops...

But after all, that's only one side of the story. There are people I admire 
in both camps. Is the case for the other side documented? Would anyone like 
to summarize it?  Well, enough mischief-making, but I do want enlightenment 
(publically or B/c).

Of much greater moment, I would Reallly Really like to get hold of some WF 
publications (Cobbing OF COURSE, but others too). And that seems to be 
pretty much impossible, unless you attend a workshop in person. At least, no 
email or snailmail approach has so far worked for me.  Has anyone else 
experienced this difficulty? Or knows another way of acquiring them?

I'm cursing that I missed the Cobbing exhibition at UWE in Bristol. I feel 
like that was my big opportunity....