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Swinburne Design: Creating Value for Business and Industry


The Faculty of Design at Swinburne University of Technology is
appointing a high profile Professor of Industrial Design for leadership
in a preeminent design school with an international reputation for
research. The Professor of Industrial Design will contribute to
innovation and excellence in research, teaching, and learning in the
discipline in the Faculty and through national and international

We seek a strong professional designer with solid teaching experience.
We also seek demonstrated ability in applied research to develop the
discipline, working with business and industry in Australia and around
the world while.

For application information, please go to the Swinburne web site and
click on External Jobs:


The Faculty of Design

Our purpose is to sustain our world by leading a philosophy of
respectful design.

At the Swinburne Faculty of Design, we focus on design as thought and
action for solving problems and imagining new futures. We emphasize
strategic design to create value through innovative products and

Creativity, critical inquiry, and ethics guide the Swinburne philosophy
of respectful design. We value understanding, empathy, and appreciation
for people, for nature, and for the world we shape through design. Our
designers, researchers, and graduates work serve business, industry, and
the public sector. We base our actions and choices on sustainability
principles for positive social and economic outcomes. 

The Faculty of Design emphasizes rigorous research for effective
results in today’s challenging design profession. All new appointments
to the academic staff have a PhD degree. Teaching, creative practice,
and research are the foundation of robust professional education. We
expect senior staff to have a strong research profile, and we expect
junior staff to demonstrate the potential for innovative research. Our
emphasis on published research enables us to share what we do with
Australia and with the world.

Academics and administrators at the Faculty of Design are “design
people.” Our culture is: equitable, respectful, creative, innovative,
resilient, vibrant, and inspired. We state our focus in four words:
“Design respectfully, grow responsibly.”


Our Beliefs

- We work with design as a way of thinking and working to create
preferred outcomes.

- We offer research-led, theory-informed, practice-relevant design

- We inspire people with the power and potential of design.

- We deliver the highest quality in education and experiences for
individual students. 

- We embrace sustainability principles to underpin all our activities.

- We nurture an equitable community that enables people to flourish.

- We work with industry, government, and community to create new

- We grow stronger by internationalizing everything we do.


Professional Education

The Faculty of Design offers 3-year professional Bachelor of Design
degrees and 4-year honors degrees in Communication Design, Industrial
Design, Interior Design, and Digital Media Design. We share the Bachelor
of Engineering (Product Design Engineering) with the Faculty of
Engineering and Industrial Science. We also offer a Bachelor of
Design/Bachelor of Business double degree as well as the Bachelor of
Communication. Many students undertake industry practice as part of
their degree work.

The Faculty of Design includes the Swinburne School of Film and
Television. The School offers a Bachelor of Film and Television and a
suite of industry-specific undergraduate and postgraduate programs with
strong industry links. Swinburne graduates are employed in many areas of
the film and television profession.
The Faculty of Design offers postgraduate courses and the MDes in the
design disciplines and design anthropology.


Research Education

The Faculty of Design offers the PhD and the MDes by Research. We have
one of the world’s best PhD programs in design with strong supervision
and one of the highest completion rates in Australia.


Swinburne Design Factory

The Swinburne Design Factory is an industry-focused, university-wide
research center for staff and students from all faculties. The Design
Factory is built on the highly successful ‘Living Lab’ model
pioneered at Aalto Design Factory in Finland. We collaborate closely
with Design Factory living labs at Aalto University in Helsinki and at
Tongji University in Shanghai. 


Research at Swinburne Design

Our research takes place through the National Institute for Design
Research with research in neuroaffective design, cultures-based
innovation, strategic design, and design education. We have 25 tenured
academics: 10 senior researchers and 15 early career researchers as well
as 20 doctoral research fellows. Our research focuses on theory and
practice of industrial design, communication design and strategic
design, along with design history and management. We also engage in
multi-disciplinary research involving collaboration with colleagues in
such diverse fields as business, information communication technology,
and psychology.

In 2008, Swinburne made the strategic decision to focus on traditional,
empirical research methods and outcomes with publication as the standard
measure of research quality. Design research at Swinburne provides
business, industry and government with empirical research for innovation
and development, creating strategic opportunities for manufacturing
through research in the cognitive components of artefacts, neurological
measures of aesthetic response, and understanding of visual recognition
and affective processing. Our researchers develop new and profitable
business models by successfully capitalising on such new fields as
augmented reality and social media.

Swinburne works with Delft University of Technology, Cambridge
University and Vienna University in Project UMA, a global research
program in neuroaffective design funded by the Dutch National Science
Fund with a 1,500,000 Euro grant, the largest grant ever awarded for a
pure research project in design.

Swinburne has also hosted highly influential conferences on strategic
design, design thinking, participatory innovation and cultures-based
innovation, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Victorian
Endowment for Science, Knowledge, and Innovation, Design Victoria
(VESKI), and the Victorian state government. 


Design and Research with Impact

Professors at Swinburne Design influence business, industry, and
government through publications, invitations to speak at state,
national, and global forums, and advisory roles for state and federal
government. At Swinburne, you will work with the Chairman of VTT
International – the Technical Research Center of Finland, the
President-Elect of the International Institute for Information Design in
Vienna, the Past President of the International Council of Graphic
Design Associations, the recent Thinker in Residence for South
Australia, and the Vice President of Cumulus, the international
association of art and design schools, along with the editors and
editorial board members for 6 of the top 12 research journals in design.
Swinburne experts have undertaken studies on design policy,
manufacturing policy, innovation and industry for the governments of
Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, as
well as for the state governments of South Australia and Victoria, and
the Australian Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet.


For application information, please go to the Swinburne web site and
click on External Jobs:

For further information, please contact

Professor Ken Friedman
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Telephone +61 3 9214 6449

Stephen Langdon
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