sorry, me again.
just been mulling over this thought...

On 19 Jan 2012, at 13:45, Simon Biggs wrote:

The number of media artists active in the pre-internet era who have migrated to the net as their primary platform for distribution ... is a testament to the death of an artistic medium (video art) and perhaps the death of TV.

how does it relate to artists who never worked with TV or video in those experimental days of the 1980s but, because they were younger perhaps, started first to work with the web in the late 90s, and then, once comfortable with that level of 'broadcast' then made work for television in the 00s?
I am thinking, perhaps, not just of Pope and Guthrie, but also Thomson & Craighead and a few of the other Channel 4 commissioned artists here in the UK, but I am sure there must be other examples internationally.
Is this a different shift?


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